Dear Abraham,

Mk so where do I start off with this love of ours so first I just wanna thank you for being there for me when I have bad times and I live the way you always make me smile with that lil charm of yours I would die for you if you didn’t go out with me in the first place but you know we’re together and that’s gunna last forever but bae I love you to I if it’s and beyond seriously no lie real talk her but I just wanted to make this for you bc I love you and those roses and that big big bear was perff baby for our I year anniversary I love it but anyways I love you bae 😘❤️😍💏💕💑
08-27-14👈 the current date we got together I was the happiest girl on earth

The most thing I hate is when I’m on Facebook and my cousin puts smoking a blunt or bout to eat and blaze one like why that’s bad for you it’s stupid and no wonder you dad is always trying to talk to you and stop and your always drinking and getting into all these fights getting all these boyfriends that leave you with nothing and failure on working for money to buy you good and clothes that’s why your living with your friends or your sisters but I’m sorry I love you and everything but stop doing this I live you slit but just stop

Yet you want me but I’m taken by the best man ever it’s funny I’ve never been with you but you want me really bad but nah I’m all good bc I have a man that cares for me and makes me happy everyday